About us

At CX.AI we are fighting for a future where no customer feedback is wasted anymore. Where technology takes the burden from us with ease, flexibility and accuracy.

We are the technology and quality leader in our field. Any corporation that is looking for “the best” as opposed to “the established” will sooner or later reach out to us.

CX.AI is a product of Success Drivers Solutions, a 100% daughter company of SUCCESS DRIVERS – worlds leader in gaining AI-powered insights into business success drivers.

While Success Drivers is headquartered in Cologne, Germany and Success Drivers Solutions Kft. in Debrecen, Hungary, 65% of our revenue come from clients in the United States.

Viktor Revesz heads CX.AI (and Success Drivers Solutions), its sales and operations. As a senior CX expert and book author, he knows “the frontline” of corporations. His strong data analytics and IT background gives him the edge to lead a technology-powered business.


Frank Buckler, PhD. is the founder and CEO of Success Drivers GmbH and the inventor of CX.AI as well as the underlying Causal Machine Learning technology. He is a bestselling author, a frequent keynote speaker and thought leader in AI-powered decision making.