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The conversion power of copy heavily depends on the context. That’s why we developed…

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Case Study – “6X Email Conversion”

We were facing very low email open rates from around 10% with subject lines like “AI-Powered Conversion Insights”. Even market research did help as “best” subject lines performed poorly.
After several trials and AB testing, we were able to double open rates to significantly above 20% but not higher than that. We put our testing results into this AI. It identified the key association that drives open rates for us.
Furthermore, it suggested using GPT Subject lines that are verbally not related to the former version. We tried this out. BOOM, we reached stable open rates around 55%

Dr. Frank Buckler

“This tech speeded up our AB testing cycle time by months or even years.”

How It Works

This is the process: 

we use Association-AI to measure how well your claim is associated with your domain, your target persona, the desired outcome, and the greatest fear of your audience, as well as to positive and negative emotions. This AI has been built on Terrabytes of human text to build the largest word associative network on this planet. Science had shown that this AI can predict what psychological Implicit Association Test will measure (if you would run expensive market research on your target group). 


we compare two alternative claims that had been AB tested and we feed this along with resulting conversion rates to a Causal-AI. It will find out how dimensions and emotions work together to predict conversion rates. It will tell you what properties and emotions are most crucial to win visitors' hearts. 


we take those finding and feed GPT-3, a language-model-AI that can write whole newspaper articles without everyone would ever notice that no human touches a single word in this. With guidance, the AI will produce claims that sound perfectly human but meet the winning requirements of powerful claims.

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