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Cleverbridge is a SaaS Billing Solution that is using our AI to predict what works.

This AI already genereted billions for brands like...


From .9% to 2.2% Web-to-Paid Conversion in 4 Months

Teachinguide was suffering from a very low trial to paid conversion. Our tech found that the key to conversion what clearer value communication. Previously everything was around the number of coupons they offer. But it was the quality and exclusivity of it that attracts customers. Results: Teachinguide cleaned up the landing pages pretrial and posttrial and aligned every with the value it delivers. Results >2X conversion rates.

Thomas Seidel

“I was skeptical. Even more eye-opening when conversion jumped”


From 3.9% to 5.7% Web-to-Paid Conversion in 12 Months

Monsterzeugs is a software shop and conversion rates are determining the customer acquisition costs.They ran the SaaSconversion.io method and found navigation had been way too distracting although being optimized for a long.Monsterzeugs added a target audience prediction tool and cleaned the landing page down to 3 choice options.

Dr. Sascha Langner

“After years of testing, you think you know it all. Fiddlesticks!”

From 4.6% to 7.1% Web-to-Demo Conversion in 6 Months

Booking demos is the way to win larger customers for Caplena.
They ran the SaaSconversion.io method and that many customers understood what it is but not what wonders it can do for them.
Caplena reworked the copy and improved significantly demo bookings.

Maurice Gonzenbacher

“We learned that consulting CRO experts is great, but SaaSconversion.io can leverage their work with great evidenced hypotheses”

Boosted conversion across all channels, 2Xd Revenue and 6Xd Market Valuation

After initial success, T-Mobile needed to understand how to keep the momentum without being copied by AT&T, Verizon & Co. The tech behind SaaSconversion.io found that neither of the obvious parts of the GTM was the key to success, but the unconventional robin hood positioning.Based on these findings the Uncarrier strategy was built. The key part was to regularly launch a feature like global roaming that is reasoning the winning positioning. The rest is history.

Dr. David Feick

“Who knows what would have happened with T-MOBILE without this outstanding technology”

Increased Upsell Conversion for 8 customer segments in 105 countries 

Microsoft has tens of thousands of unstructured customer feedback every month. It's hard to not only exactly understand what customers mean but also how relevant it is for their decision making. The tech behind SaaSconversion.io understands on the scale what 1, 2, or 3 key initiatives every business, country, or segment-head needs to work on to drive upsell and reduce retention. The exact results are confidential. Microsoft is expanding the use of the tech and presented its work at many insights conferences.

Dr. Rajul Jain

“To me this tech is our secret weapon”

Lifted Upsell Conversion, Enabled Sonos’ IPO story 

The company was not seeing much improvements from their customer experience initiatives The tech behind SaaSconversion.io found that although many customers say that they enjoy the experience because of the great sound it was something very different to work on. We identified a key initiative and predicted the impact after 6 month. This very prediction turned out to be spot on. This manifested the trust of the C-Suite into this tech.

Dennis Brosnan

“I have never seen a C-Suite that impressed”

3X Web-to-Demo Conversion in 3 months

We started with a solid landing page with credentials, videos, and all state-of-the-art things to do to drive conversion. The SaaSconversion.io method reveals that the credentials have not been prominent and detailed enough. Although we needed to describe in much more detail what we do. We place logos in color and are prominent above the fold. We put the credentials right in the beginning of our starting video and the VSL, We recorded a 1-hour VSL to provide all details.

Dr. Frank Buckler

“We drink our own champagne. It's so delicious”





Recuperate sunk advertisement investments because you optimize the key things

Flood your sales team with +35% quality leads because you tap on hidden levers

Save your qualitative research spendings

Our AI-powered solution takes unstructured visitor and user feedback to extract qualitative angles that predictably drive your conversion most.

Web-to-Trial Conversion

Web-to-Lead Conversion

Web-to-Demo Conversion

Trial-to-Paid Conversion

Churn Prevention

+35% Growth ARR


Step 1: The Dashboard

Before, when you wanted to improve conversion, you would have to do web analytics and qualitative research.

But now, you run very simple surveys on visitors to get the key actions with biggest impact without the lengthy, cumbersome and often misleading analysis work.

Step 2: The Predictor

Before, when you wanted to invest in major changes, you would have to build a business case but you failed due to lack of evidence.

But now, you can use this simulator to predict the financial impact of actions without the questionable guesswork.

Dorottya Rusz, PhD.

Head of Customer Success &

Our psychological mastermind knows what visitors mean when they say something else.

Step 3: The Expert Coaching

Before, when you wanted to understand the results of analysis tools, you would have to read manuals, tutorials and take tickets in support lines.

But with us, you use our personal one-on-one conversion coaching without having the risk of misinterpreting results.


Don't pay until you see the results with 100% performance based pricing.

We also offer flat fee pricing if you prefer.


Question: Why wouldn’t you just do qualitative in-depth interviews? 

Question: Are the available text and driver analysis platform really that bad? Can’t believe Google or IBM Watson can’t make it?

Answer: They are biased by the interviewer, they surface only frequent but not necessarily important issues and include no validation of truth.

Answer: They are not bad. They are not customized to your website & context and not optimized for causal insights.

Question: What are the exact terms of the guarantee? 

Question: Will this be suitable for me if I’m in a “non-English” speaking country?

Answer: If actions you take from first analysis do not result in payback of investment, we refund what you invest.

Answer: Definitely. We support 100+ languages.

Question: How do I justify the cost to my boss?

Question: How do I know you guys are legit?

Answer: There are no costs. This is a no-brainer! If it doesn’t pay itself, you get money back – so no cost for you!

Answer: We provide direct contact to references. CALL THEM!



  • Free book “Artificial Intelligence FOR Website Conversion - The TOP 5 AI-TOOLS FOR SAAS Marketers” worth $30
  • Free audit of your landing page
  • Free headline and claim copy assessment using SaaS Copy Optimizer

Within 15 minutes you will have clarity on whether there is a fit and the SaaSconversion.io method can help you or not. Further, once ascertained as a successful fit, complete pricing and flexible packages will be provided immediately upon request.

Cleverbridge is a SaaS Billing Solution that is using our AI to predict what works.

This AI already genereted billions for brands like...


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