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What is AI Not Doing (Today)?

What is AI not doing (today)? 


There are areas or things where it’s still not deployed. And that’s basically the whole area of strategic management. For example: what should I do so my people don’t churn? What should I do to refrain from making a bad advertising? What should I change on my website so my visitors convert? These are also abstract and high-level questions that AI and black box systems cannot or do not answer. 


Nowadays, on the other hand, they automate operative decisions. So basically, they look at what people do. For instance, the things they do are the input and the counter-reaction they do (for example, clicking a button) is the output and they can find the relationships in the process. But what they don’t address (simply because they don’t have the data available for that) is what people know, think and feel, when visiting your website


You just basically look on the data you gathered and try to do something from them, which is great. You need to use what you have. But there are limits. Limits of what your customers or your prospects think, feel, want, and know. And if only you could tap on this field, you could improve much better and you could answer those questions I raised earlier much, much better.


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